Relief for a Bad Back

I bought an inversion table and had amazing results when I threw out my back last time. I’m often in a load of pain and suffer for about 2 weeks or so when I injure my back. I have no diagnosis other than possibly slight scoliosis and a more pronounced “S” curvature than normal. Anyway after I set up the table in my living room and got on it for about 10 minutes my pain was almost gone. My legs ached somewhat from not being used to being stretched that way before, but they were back to normal in a couple days. I would seriously recommend an inversion table to anyone suffering from backpain or that have a problem with their spine.

Something else I have been using recently for help with my back is my child’s temporary fold away bed, not to sleep on however, but to place at the end of my bed in it’s folded position to raise my legs. The bed is similar to this model and much to my surprise it actually helped my back pain. I decided to take it one step further and buy a zero gravity recliner for use in my living room. I couldn’t afford a top end model so opted for an outdoor model but the results have been astonishing, I now use it more than my sofa! You can get these recliners on Amazon or at Target for a very low price. There are also a number of useful sites around that give reviews of the best zero gravity chairs around.