Could a hammock give you a better night’s sleep?

In the past hammocks have mainly been associated with backpacking, travel and tropical climates, however these days it is not uncommon to find someone relaxing in a hammock in their home or garden. With the increase of hammock and stand combo sets being manufactured, you no longer have to find a pair of trees or beams to attach your hammock onto and you can even purchase a lightweight portable hammock stand that can be easily transported in a carry bag, by hand or by car.
With the increased availability of hammock stands for sale there has also been an increase in the amount of people who have opted to use their hammock in place of their bed and many swear by it as a great way to get a good night’s sleep. While most would agree that using a hammock is a great way to relax, some may be skeptical of whether there is any benefit to sleeping in a hammock and there are very few that would swap their bed for a hammock based solely on the word of a small number of internet users and hammock manufacturers.

So are there any proven advantages to sleeping in a hammock? In a recent study conducted by the University of Geneva and published in the Current Biology journal, a group of 12 volunteers were tested to see what effect a rocking motion had on their brain activity when sleeping. The participants had a 45 minute nap on a stationary bed and 45 minutes on a custom-made bed or “experimental hammock”. Results found that when on a slowly rocking bed each individual was able to fall asleep more quickly and easily, the participants also showed brain activity that corresponds with a deeper level of sleep. The study also suggested that the gentle rocking motion that could be experienced from using a hammock, helped synchronize the test subject’s brain activity into a pattern that is associated with sleeping.

Those who sleep in a hammock often say they fall asleep much faster than when they use a bed, in addition to this many also state that they feel better rested after sleeping in a hammock. There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that a deeper sleep can have a very positive effect upon you overall health since when you are in the deeper stages of sleep your body is able to repair and regrow bones, muscles and tissue as well as strengthen your immune system.

While this may not be enough of an incentive to make anyone want to discard their bed completely, it would appear that setting up a hammock and stand in your home or yard could be highly advantageous even if just for an afternoon nap. With a number of low priced compact 2 person hammock with stand sets available, most can experiment with sleeping in a hammock without spending a great amount of cash. If you were to find that sleeping in hammock is not your preference, at the very least a hammock with stand set is likely to be a nice addition to any outdoor space and a relaxing way to spend a summer afternoon.

Zero Gravity as you sleep

People often tell me that thanks to their relaxing zero gravity lounger chair or zero g massage seat they regularly end up falling asleep after a long period in the chair when they don’t expect to. While a hour long snooze in a zero gravity seat amid the day on a regular basis may a perfect way to stimulate and reinvigorate yourself, there is likewise a huge advantage in sleeping in the zero gravity position as you rest for the duration of the night.

Before I found out about foam zero gravity support wedges for use when lying in bed, I regularly raised my feet by utilizing two or three cushions and pillow pads and even every so often utilized my child’s foldout bed when I was truly experiencing upper and lower back torment. The primary issue with these genuinely primitive procedures however was that regularly I would discover in the event that I had fallen asleep in the zero g position, by morning the pillows and cushions would either be on the floor toward the end of my bed or I would just no longer have my feet laying on them. In a similar manner while utilizing the fold out bed I would wake in an alternate position with my feet no longer raised discovering I hadn’t had the greatest nights rest because of the vast impediment at the base my the bed.

With the my 3 piece Backmax zero gravity wedges however those days are presently behind me permitting me to have an agreeable rest through the entire night without the impediment and bother of re-stacking the pads at whatever point I stirred. The great thing about the Backmax bed wedge is it’s adaptability and the control you have over the position that you can rest in.

When using different individual items that come at a lower price, for example, using Elevating Leg Rests with Wedge Bed Pillows separately, two separate wedges will be prone to move their positions throughout the duration of the night regularly leaving the buyer with a less than acceptable nights rest. Using separate items is less expensive and great options for anybody wishing to benefit by using the zero gravity position on a budget, however in my experience using a all in one wedge combo such as the Backmax by Contour Products I think is a superior decision due to it’s stable arrangement and due to the handy feature of the Backmax zero gravity bed zipping together it guarantees that it won’t slip or move itself as you rest.

In this range there are two sets of wedges available one that measures 20 inches in width and the large variant that measures 28 inches, after getting out the tape measure I decided 20 inches would be a bit of a tight fit and opted to spend the extra hundred dollars buying the size option.

Ever since I have had my foam wedges set up on my bed I have slept like a baby although I could do with a few more inches either side of me as I do move around a lot in my sleep and often fear that I may fall off, although touch wood it has not happened yet!

I would highly recommend foam wedges to anybody who takes zero gravity position seriously and wants to enjoy the relaxation they get from their zero gravity chair for more hours throughout the day or night as the case be. I love my zero gravity foam wedges so much that I would actually put them in my top three items to ease back pain the other two items being my inversion table and my zero gravity chair.

If you are as enthusiastic as zero gravity position as me then I can personally guarantee that using a foam wedge on your bed will not disappoint you. While prices do vary you do not have to spend a fortune, for around $50 you can pick up a lower body leg rest wedge which will noticeably improve your circulation as you sleep as well as alleviate any lower back that you may be suffering from. If you like to go the whole hog as I did you can pick up a three-piece zero gravity wedge set for around $150-$250 depending on the width of bed that you need to sleep comfortably.

Although I bought my bed wedges in the UK if you are based in the USA you can buy such wedges from most large high quality retailers such as or <a href=”http://www check”>Walmart and you are very likely to start feeling the effects soon after you start using the zero gravity position as you sleep, for me personally the investment has been worth every penny and I feel I am benefiting greatly from the increased relaxation I am gaining from having a deeper and more restful sleep!

What are Anti Gravity Chairs?

Many often ask me, what makes a zero gravity chair or anti gravity chair a more worthwhile investment than a regular piece of garden furniture, also more importantly they often ask me what is a zero gravity chair?

Like many I had no idea what a zero gravity chair was until a few years ago until I stumbled on a few sites where you can buy zero gravity seating for both the garden and indoors that apparently were beneficial to your back and spine when used.

From doing a little research I learnt that zero gravity recliner chairs use the same technology that was originally developed for astronauts by NASA, although many of the outdoor zero gravity patio chairs don’t look very space age and futuristic they do have the ability to assume the same position that an astronaut reclines into as a space rocket lifts off! While this all sounds very impressive I did remain skeptical and questioned how this made them a better choice of chair than a regular recliner?

The idea behind anti gravity chairs is that in the zero gravity position your weight is distributed evenly throughout the chair, the position lifts your legs above your heart minimizing the amount of strain put upon your spine as well as creating more space for the lungs to expand and contract this creating more oxygenated blood circulating around your body. The even weight distribution is why the position was initially developed astronauts, when the weight is spread across the whole surface of the chair the pressure upon the astronaut when leaving the Earth’s orbit is also more evenly spread, allowing the stress and strain put upon their bodies to distribute across their whole body area in a safer and slightly more relaxed manner.

These days zero gravity technology is not just found in outdoor patio chairs, but also chairs for the living room as well as high-end zero gravity massage chairs. You can now even find zero gravity technology in cars, in the last couple of years Nissan have added zero gravity seats the front of some of their cars allowing the user to have continuous support on their upper bodies and help reduce the fatigue that is encountered during longer car journeys. From my research it appears anti gravity chairs are a lot more popular in the States than the chairs are in the UK, while there are a few sites around in the United Kingdom that focus mainly on the outdoor variation of the zero gravity patio lounger it is a lot harder to find a decent zero gravity massage chair.

Will a zero gravity chair get rid of my back pain?

While the anti gravity position is great for many health reasons zero gravity chairs are not capable of achieving miracles! While zero gravity reclining is a good position to ease your back pain and over time realign the vertebrae in you spine, it probably will not correct any serious spinal problems!

I have suffered from back pain for a number of years now and was eventually told I had 4 protruding vertebrae, that I was either born with or must have fallen from a great height to acquire. On a daily basis I am in a fair bit of pain, however when seated in my zero gravity chair the pain does lift almost completely. The same can also be said when I lie on the floor with my legs raised on a folded bed like this one, horizontally my feet are lifted above my head and heart just like in the zero gravity position, I can feel my spine straightening and due to my feet being raised I can feel my lungs open up. To anyone who wonders in a zero gravity chair is a good idea try what I have suggested and see if it makes any difference, I found raising my legs really helped with my back pain and although the floor was uncomfortable it really did open my eyes up to the idea of getting a comfortable chair that could rest me in the same position.

Even if you do not have back pain or muscular problems a zero gravity recliner is still a great way to relax, be it in your garden or in your home you can rest assured that you are getting a healthy experience simply from resting in a specific position.

As I said previously the range of zero gravity chairs in the UK is fairly limited but there are a few fairly decent sites around with a good number of chairs available at fairly low prices.